May 16,  · Page 1 of 2 - Round Bale Size - posted in Alfalfa/Hay: This will probably matter only to those who sell hay by the bale, not ton. Is a 4 x 5 bale supposed to be 4 x 5? Should a customer expect the bale to be as close as possible to the numbers being advertised? Should bale density be taken into consideration? Just curious. May 16,  · Now is the time to start planning for the hay making season, so let’s consider the size issue when it comes to hay bales. Hay Bale Size Really Does Matter - Hay/Grass - News | A standard bale of hay has fixed height and width, at 14 inches by 18 inches. The length, however, may vary according to the settings on the baler mechanism and is either 36 inches or 48 inches.

Standard hay bale sizes us

Dec 17,  · Standard hay tarp lengths are 48 or 52 feet, but with the custom fabrication capabilities at BTL, hay tarp sizes can be created to the exact specifications you need. When measuring for the length of your hay tarps allow at least four feet (two feet on . Large bales. Large square bales, which can weigh up to 1, kilograms (2, lb), can be stacked and are easier to transport on trucks. Large round bales, which typically weigh to kilograms (– lb), are more moisture-resistant, and pack the hay more densely (especially at the center). Feb 27,  · Small Square Hay Bale Dimensions/Size - posted in Alfalfa/Hay: Hi everyone, Please correct me if Im wrong but Ive heard that the width and height are pretty much always the same and this depends on the baler being used. And the length varies based on whatever the operator of the baler wants? So if thats the case, what are the most common small square hay bale dimensions made and . Aug 15,  · Standard Small Square Bales. Dimensions are 3’ x 18” x 15”, or mm x mm x mm in metric measurements. For many years, the team at M.R Horn & Partners LLP have been offering quality straw and hay bales for customers across Devon and the UK. We have a range of bale sizes for you to choose from, available for customer collection from one our depots or delivery straight to your front door.Straw sources, bale dimensions and compression; Choosing your But innovators soon discovered that where a wall of "conventional field bales" is. What's so important about hay bale dimensions? Turns out, a lot. Read this post to better understand the impact your bale measurements have. Large round bales can be made of many different sizes (diameter and height) more weight and greater value compared to the standard bale. Size and weight of a bale depends on the operator and what kind of machine [s] he's using. Three main types of hay bales that I know of: Small square, large. Bale Size & Weight. How big are your bales? We primarily bale standard two- string bales that measure 16"x18" and are approximately four feet long. Depending.

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