Nov 29,  · so the swap magic discs I still have are only usable with my ps2 that I still have, that, or a lower model ps3 slim good to know, thanks for the replies; I made a reply on a qcma issue topic in the vita sub-forum, could use some more help there if you'd be willing. May 16,  · ROMs, ISOs, & Games PS2 ISOs () PSX ISOs () Saturn ISOs () SNES ROMs () View All Sections. ROMs, ISOs, & Games Swap Magic (oder h. Descarga ISO de Snes Station para PS2 NTSC. Play station 2 Snes Station. Guide for all emulators for the PS2. Not a valid PS2 disc' on my Swap Magic Swap Magic DVD/CD is a bo. Hey all, I've been scouring the internet for a DVD iso of the NTSC version of Swap Magic ( or ) and I canNOT find one. Plenty of.

Swap magic psx iso

Feb 17,  · And yes you can run a burnt disc without modding the console if you have an original swap magic. Just invest on a real disc, you will only be doing it once. You need an original swap magic to play games on a PS2 with no mod chip. Since a PS2 with no chip cannot read backups. If you have a modded PS2 you dont need swap magic at all. Oct 26,  · [swap magic ps2] Bonjour j'ai moi meme recu le swap magic avec la slide card. j'ai essayer de graver mon jeu dont je possede l'original mais quand je met le cd de swap. Accessories for Playstation 2, Swap Magic, FreeMcBoot, Iso PS1 and PS2. Jul 04,  · Can't find working instructions how to swap a mounted PS1 ISO (using webMAN_mod) when prompted in-game to change disc. Insert any physical disc of psx to force the detection of the disc swap. and it works on burned disc too? Is there a smoething like swap magic disc for psx which could be burned which would work like an original game. Start Swap Magic again, hold DPAD-UP + L1 simultaneously, then select your emulator. This is the only step that will need to be repeated in future play sessions. OpenPS2 Loader. OpenPS2 Loader is an alternative to USB Loader that will run PS2 ISOs from the HDD or from a Network Share. It is installed in the exact same way as USB Loader.Forum: SwapMod, NoMod& Exploit Discussion - Talk about swap modchip or no modchip booting such as the cog swap, tray mods, neokey, neo1/2 and the psone disc exploit. I took one: iso and mds and burned it with Alcohol %, but when i put it in the PS2 it says that i need to put in. I use swap magic (CD Version) but i get a message saying invalid file of the PS1 game. i'm assuming it's different from ISO. i'll use an ISO file. What would be the best possible way to do this? I have SCPH console if you need to know. Would a Swapmagic work? Because I'm. the internet for a DVD iso of the NTSC version of Swap Magic ( or This guide covers both PS2 backups through OPL and PS1 backups. Plays everything except ps1 games (holding buttons while loding & all) I'm finding alotta Iso's online for swap magic My question is since.

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[How To] Use Swap Magic 3.6 DVD (or CD) With Playstation 2 Slim To Play Backed Up Games Tutorial, time: 2:55
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